Yes ! We're Acrylic Free

This will provide a healthy environment for every guest and staff by eliminating the harsh chemical odor that acrylic nail gives off. Plumeria is proud to be the first nail shop in the neighborhood to provide a safer environment while getting your hands and feet pampered.

Please support us by spreading the word to your friends and family. 

From the first moment we opened our doors in July 2014 we made it our goal to make sure that each of our guests has an amazing experience. Enjoying our high quality service, relaxing atmosphere and friendly nail technicians. Let them massage your hands and feet, give your nails a little TLC and take your stresses away.

"Our top priority is your safety and that's why we are diligent about cleaning and disinfecting all of the tools and surfaces used. You can rest assured knowing that everything is completely sanitized." 

Vy & Ken (Owners)

Pamper yourself with abandon!