Pedicure Spa Classic - $35

The healthier your feet are, the healthier you are. 

 * Shaping nails & cuticle

* Gentle exfoliation

* Orange scrub

* Massage

* Regular nail polish

Pedicure Spa Deluxe - $57

The hydrating pedicure you have been waiting for!

The same as Pedi Spa Classic


 * Clay masque.

 * Callus removal.

 * Paraffin wax.

 * Hot stone massage

  Plumeria's Organic Signature Pedicure- $72

All Organic Ingredients

The same as Pedi Spa Classic. 


 * Sea salt

 * Sugar scrub

 * Mud masque

 * Callus remover

 * Hot Stone Massage 

Paraffin Wax

 * Moisturizer

 The healthier your feet are the healthier you are. 


Plumeria's Jelly Bath $82